This week’s mileage was 16 miles. Next week is 10-12 miles.

We had a slight mileage change of plans this weekend… instead of 20 miles, we changed the mileage to 16. We are back to running the second 20 miler two weeks out.  We’re just crazy gals that way.  Just messing with your heads, that’s all.

And funny thing is, this week we did a hilly 16 miler and I wasn’t even stressed about it.  I was all, “Meh.”  WHAT AM I THINKING, PEOPLE?  Meh?! Apparently I am unphased at a 16 mile run.

I had to borrow GU for crap sakes. 

So it serves me right that I came out of the run with a foot that looked like this one…

To answer the obvious question, “Correct, I have not had a pedicure since I began training.”  And the other obvious question, “Um, yes. It hurts. It hurts a lot.”

But on the up side, we conquered the one hill that had been vexing us since the beginning of time and we didn’t need to stop or puke.  Now THAT is progress.

Kids, I just have to say that I am getting pumped for this marathon!  Today I got my new Runner’s World Magazine and it has entire sections devoted to the NYC Marathon. One of my favorite parts of the magazine is, however, a series of advertisements for ASICS.

These ads show runners running through water and basically running through various words like fear, uncertainty, exhaustion, rage, insecurity, anxiety, skepticism, restlessness, fatigue, misery, doubt, etc…  IMHO, it is a excellent visual representation of what you experience tackling a goal such as this.

What do you guys think?  Does it motivate YOU?