Okay, calling myself a “foodie” was a stretch. But I *have* been exploring some new passions as of late, my dear friends.

Branching out.

Testing some new waters.

You see, for the last month I have been working with Flat Out Bread creating concoctions for their blogging series on healthy back-to-school lunches.  Not just any blogging series, either… they are VIDEO BLOGS, y’all.  I know, right? I can’t believe I stuck my face in front of the camera, either!

I am happy to report that our family had so much fun with this project that we’ve created little mini-chefs.  Even I am searching out new recipes to try.  Yes, the foodie in me was awakened. (I can hardly believe I am typing those words. Bet you ten bucks that my mom will keel over when she reads this.)

If you are interested in seeing my family in action (because it took all of us to make it work), check out the blogs:

Week 1 – Turkey galore not to mention food for the lizard!

Week 2 – Apple chicken salad, my absolute clean eating fav.

Week 3 – Using avocados to make chocolate.

Week 4 – Olives and stackable food

What do you think? I’m no Rachel Ray but I didn’t burn the house down either. Smells like success to me!

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