I’m gonna let you in on a secret… I’m an over-achiever. In a mid-life whatchamacallit .

“Duh? You say?” (Insert laughter from all of the people who really know me here.)

Funny thing is that I actually didn’t realize I was the “over achieving type” until recently when a friend *ahem* made fun of me lamenting about something on the phone.  She nailed it right then and there and called me out.

Totally made me pause and take mental stock: upcoming marathon, charity, new business, blogging, Momz Share, community manager, blah, blah, blah…

Huh. I guess I AM.

The funny thing is that I don’t feel like the over-achiever she declared me to be.  I feel like I do many things and none of them well. (Insert mental anxiety here.) NONE. OF. THEM. WELL.

I guess you could say that I am in  some sort of mid-life crisis.  My husband would probably agree. He has to live with me and with my 6:00am crying jags centering around laundry or dishes or other such nonsense.

I’ve been doing a ton of soul searching in the past couple of months.  And no, it is  not really working out that well at the moment. I just keep getting stuck in the woe- is-me mode.  Which is annoying. Honestly, if I am annoying MYSELF then how can I NOT be annoying other people? It is just not possible.

I’m like that 45 something-guy in your neighborhood who just bought a yellow Corvette for no reason.  I may have not bought the Corvette yet but I am contemplating a pink hair extension and a nose piercing.

I just feel like I am not doing anything REALLY WELL.  Like I am just “phoning it in” yet the “it” is my life.  My mom (Gotta love mom, dontcha?) says that I am crazy and that perhaps I just need to  drill it down and not DO SO MUCH or perhaps LOWER MY STANDARDS.

And that will make it better????

The reason I pouring out my feelings here is because this blog is one of the things I feel like I am not especially doing well.  I’m always afraid of being TOO REAL.  TOO OPEN. Which flies in the face of the reason why we read blogs in the FIRST PLACE, right?

I know. I am a mess.

Got any suggestions for me? Coping strategies? Tissue brand recommendations? Please leave a comment, a thought or some sappy sentiment in my comment box.  I don’t think my husband can take another 6am crying jag.