Suddenly, running is all I am thinking about. On any given day I am both ecstatic with excitement and filled with fear and doubt. Constantly on a roller coaster of emotion.

Look at my goodies!

The New York Marathon is 18 days away.  It is a lifelong dream. Probably my last full marathon for awhile. Perhaps forever. I. Can’t. Wait.  (Actually, I can because I still have that final 20 to run yet on Saturday.)

With this marathon not only comes a ton of emotion but also some serious technological advances enabling ANYONE to watch the festivities in real time.  For example:

There is a freakin’ iPad app for this! Coming on Halloween, October 31, you can dowload the ING New York City Marathon iPhone/iPad app from the iTunes store . Praise the Lord! I am so jazzed about this I am doing a mental squeal right now. (Squeeee!)

The app has:

  • Live race-day video feeds of the professional race
  • The five-hour NBC 4 New York show
  • Real-time photos
  • Elite runner leaderboard
  • Individual runner split tracking
  • “Cross-Path” feature displays your location with respect to the runner
  • Spectator map
  • Athlete profiles
  • News and alerts
  • Twitter feeds

Yeah, I know. Almost makes me wish I were watching myself run with the iPad. Which would be awkward. And sweaty.

Wanna stalk my time? Seriously?  Well, if you are that hard-core you can track me/your runner via SMS text message through Athlete Alert.  That is right, they called me an “athlete.”  (Sobbing inside!) The Athlete Alert registration system opens (during race week), anyone can sign up to receive texts tracking the splits of up to three runners. Splits will be recorded at the 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 35km, 40km, and the finish.  $2.99 in the U.S. / $5.99 International.

Twitter Hashtag: This is how you know that social  media has overtaken society.  The marathon has a hashtag. Follow all of the fun before, during and after at #ingnycm.  I love when my geeky running self meets my geeky social media self. #harmony

And just because I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, I just want to point out an awesome post by Jim Axelrod: On Post-Marathon Monday, Please, Just Say Congratulations Or a video showing the marathon course in three and a quarter minutes. Really. Check it out.

And last but certainly not least big kudos go out to my blogging pal Renee J. Ross who ran her first half marathon last weekend. She was so excited and so proud that she has brought back all of the thrill and wonder of the marathon back to me. I am so proud of her and so appreciative of her enthusiasm.  RENEE, you rocked it!  Check out her recap here.