I was hoping I had a few more years until this issue surface in my home life.

But, alas…

My nine year old had a friend over last night. That friend had a cel phone and was texting away on it. That friend was ALSO NINE.  That friend was very, very good at texting. Meaning, he had a lot of practice.

I tried not to act shocked and nonchalantly inquired as to how many of their friends in fourth grade owned a cel phone.  The boys rattled off around 13 kids between them.


Am I the only one in the world that finds it shocking that nine year olds not only carry cel phones regularly, but also text regularly? Call me naive but I thought that I had AT LEAST four more years before peer pressure circled round this family and made it difficult to resist the lure of the cel phone.  Apparently, I was wrong.

When I was nine I was in tap class and girl scouts. I went to a Catholic school in Staten Island and had a Barbie townhouse. Technology was my mom’s tape recorder. Which we weren’t allowed to touch.

I hate to judge here people but quite frankly I don’t buy the argument that a kid that young needs a phone of his/her own. Who are they going to call?

So what do you think? How young is too young? Is there a good reason for kids that age to have their own phone?