You know that you’ve hit a new milestone when you discover that “the best years of your life” are now a bad Halloween costume.

Because really, what the hell is this supposed to be? I ask you?

I discovered this little getup while taking my children (and by children I mean husband) to Party City this weekend for Halloween costume “accessories.”

I saw this costume in the women’s section and I just stopped dead in my tracks.

Because people,  Cyndi Lauper was MY GIRL. She was the bomb. I emulated her. Well, as much as the first born pre-teen of a cop in a large Catholic family COULD.

But I digress.

I stopped dead in my tracks because I couldn’t believe that the embodiment of my youth was now a very bad, silly, sexy 80s costume.

And it was SOLD OUT.

My youth is apparently a hot item these days. Oh, the irony.