It is official, my hometown marathon- the Frederick Marathon is gone.  Last night our  Mayor and Board of Alderman voted to eliminate the race from the Frederick Running Festival in May 2011.

What a shame.

I understand it though. It was a TOUGH MARATHON course and it only had 600 runners last year as opposed to the  2,600 runners that the 1/2 marathon brings in.  It costs money to staff the roads and pull off an event of that magnitude. At this point the plan is to expand the 1/2 marathon to accommodate more runners.


The marathon brought with it a lot of excitement. It went through my neighborhood and I really enjoyed cheering on my friends as they tried to conquer the 26.2 miles.

Looks like folks will be heading to Baltimore in 2011…

Fav marathon memory: Blasting past a group of six 20-something boys on the Terra Firma hill. They were dying and I was smiling because, hello? MOMMY POWER!  Seriously? Raising two boys is a marathon in and of itself, yo.