Alrighty then.

The 11 year old has discovered boobs.

The following is an actual interaction between Tiny Ninja and I the other day:

Tiny Ninja: Mom! So, mom. Guess what?

Me: What?

TN: Okay. There is this girl in my math class who has THESE!  (Hands motion to the chest where boobage occurs.) Seriously!

Me: Ahem. (Clearing throat. Panicing.)  Uh, what?

TN: She has THESE, mom!  What is up with that?

Me: (Trying not to laugh) Really?

TN: Yeah, so I asked her why she had them.  I mean, where did she get them?  She is not supposed to HAVE THEM yet.

Me: UM, What did she say? (Oh dear Lord HE DID NOT ask her that.)

TN: She doesn’t know. Can you believe that? But mom.  Really, that is just so WRONG!

People, there are no words.  And yes, my husband IS proud.