This Mom Blogger is running in the NEW YORK MARATHON in 2 days.


Expect this blog to be filled with random marathon stuff from here on out. If you are looking for pictures from NYC then best to stalk my Facebook page or Twitter feed come Saturday morning. Not sure if I will be able to post much.

RANDOM RAMBLE #1: One of the things that I have been most freaked out about is the lettering on my shirt.  By “lettering” I mean my name. I have to have people yelling for me so that I can get across that FINISH LINE. The problem here is that I am just not that gifted when it comes to “iron on” crafts. I must have skipped that badge in Brownies because I HAVE BEEN STRESSING. Thankfully my dear, sweet, lovely NYC race support bestie Lori Rypka took matters into her own hands and ironed them on for me.  How hard is it to iron on three little letters? Hard enough for me to call in a lifeline, people.

RANDOM RAMBLE #2: Please don’t let me forget the Body Glide. Someone remind me. Err, Katie?

Andy Baldwin of The Bachelor fame.

RANDOM RAMBLE #3: The hot “bachelor” tweeted me today. Yeah, that one. See, all marathons are not bad. Need proof? Check it out, yo! (Okay, obviously he is a cute and very fit  “bachelor” and I am a middle aged mother of two who will barely finish this race but let me have my moment in the sun where I pretend like he and I really connected in a deep meaningful Twitter/marathon kind of way.)

RANDOM RAMBLE #4: There is a really good chance that I will be an emotional basket case prior to the marathon beginning at 10:40am. (My wave.) The race begins in Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. I grew up in Fort Wadsworth. Although they tore down the houses I personally lived in, our tents in the start village are located directly in the field where I played as a child.  My entire “being” as an adult crazy woman that I am was shaped by those years living there. I have always wanted to go back. I will be a mess. Trust me.

I guess that is all for now. More rambling tomorrow….

Oh yeah, if you are interested, I wrote a column this week on my Twitter/marathon issues at I’m also featured the DNA Info / Manhattan article “NYC Marathon Runners Plan to Use Twitter During Race.” Obviously I have Twitter issues as well as “iron on” issues.

I’m a complex woman.

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