I’m so excited to announce that I have a new online column! I am a community manager and mobile journalist for Want2Dish – Frederick. (A hyper-local online news magazine focused on Frederick County, MD)

ANYWAY… I am writing a weekly column called “Tweet Nothings” in which I muse about pretty much anything I want to that has come across my screen via Twitter.  Kinda fun, no? So without further ado, I preset to you my first month worth of columns for the magazine:

Tweet Nothings: Frazzle Free Holiday? Not Me!

Tweet Nothings: Kardashian Credit Irony

Tweet Nothings: Me, the NYC Marathon & Fame

Tweet Nothings: Tweeting About Housework. Really?

Tweet Nothings: Lord Voldemort Is Alive & Tweeting

See a cool tweet? Feel free to give me suggestions!