Me & Katie post-marathon. Smiles!!

It has been a week and a half since I ran the New York Marathon and things are surprisingly normal. I’ll be honest with you… kind of surreal! Did I actually run that? I mean, it flew by so dang fast!

Adjusting to life post-marathon is a weird process. It is almost like it was a dream. Thank goodness for the medal hanging in my office or I might forget. (Not!)

While reflecting on my experience I came up with a list of things I will and won’t miss about training for the 26.2 mile experience. Shall I share?

Five Things I Won’t Miss About Training For A Marathon:

  • GU. When I am training it is God-send. But I would never, ever consume it on a normal basis.
  • Body Glide. I love it and I hate it. Lubing myself up doesn’t rank high on my every day “to do” list.
  • Getting up at 4am on a Saturday morning. Do I even need to explain this further?
  • Pain paranoia. I’m tired of wondering if I a small twinge means that I am getting a new injury.
  • Blisters. You haven’t seen blisters until you have seen my feet while training. I have a gift for blistering, apparently. No. Idea. Why.

Five Things I Will Absolutely Miss About Training For A Marathon:

  • Feeling like a badass. There is something awesome about knowing you’ve run 18 miles before most people have even had their morning coffee.
  • A goal. In this crazy-paced world, it is difficult to set goals and achieve them. Once you commit to a marathon there is no turning back.
  • Gadget-mania. Analyzing your time and watching your pace on a satellite run wrist watch is all sorts of fun for the geekily inclined, like me.
  • Friendships. It is hard to describe the level of friendship that one develops when training with a partner. When you spend 2-4 hours together on a long run you have loads of time to talk about… EVERYTHING. It is like a girl’s night out, only wearing sneakers.
  • Food free-for-all. I could eat as many carbs as I liked. It is a bread and cheese lover’s dream!

So how am I doing these days? Excellent! My legs were sore for about four days after the marathon and other than that, no permanent damage.  When my IT Band flared up I used Salonpas pain patches and felt great pretty quickly. (These little ditties were my secret weapon in the weeks leading up to and after the race. They look like giant band-aids and stretch to fit the area you need them for. They smell minty and are instantly cooling. I never needed to take Advil, I just put the patches on the side of my knee and it went instantly to the area. Worked like a charm. I can’t recommend these enough. So glad I discovered them!)

At this point I’m back to small runs 3x a week. I do about 3-4 miles. I’m sure I’ll get back to the long runs again shortly, but I have a couple of out of town commitments in the next two weeks so I will have to do the treadmill for awhile. My biggest fear is loosing my stamina so I’m gonna try to keep the long runs to a minimum of 10 miles on the weekend.

Next on the list of things to tackle?  Who knows?