I am to blame for my own social media issues. I created this monster. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

In the interest of trying to keep my “personal life” and “professional life” separate, I have two different Twitter accounts. One is @MammaMania (Klout 53 / 3,207 followers) and the other is @JenniferGerlock (Klout 41 /648 followers).

My @MammaMania is very relaxed and focused on the personal and being a mother.  My other one still has my personality but is way more business oriented and locally focused.

How to mesh the two? Or should I?

There are different opinions for both. What I know for sure is that I either need to choose one and combine the messages or be more strategic about my Twitter engagement on both accounts.

It has been an ongoing though process for me. I feel like I am not Tweeting/engaging  as well as I should be. Because I am a split personality and I am a busy woman. (LOL. Jeckyll & Hyde much?)

Any advice for me? I’ll use your advice for a future post because I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THIS PROBLEM.

By the way, if you are interested in this topic you will probably find this article interesting: Brand Symbiosis: Balancing Personal and Professional Online