Today is my 39th birthday.

I mean, my 29th birthday.

Oh hell. Whatever. Fine. I’m staring down 40. What of it?

I am in a bit of a reflecting mood right now. It has been a big year of accomplishments for me. Let me clarify a bit… I don’t say “accomplishments” in order to elicit a ton of “woo hoo” compliments, just in reflection. Obviously with big accomplishments come big sacrifices and many a sleepless night. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean…

But I have to admit, even for me, this has been a blessed year, albeit at a ridiculous pace. A cursory list: taking care of my fantastic family, opening up the new business, launching Momz Share, attending Blog Her, being mentioned in the New York Times (twice!) and Wall Street Journal, raising over $2,600 for charity and running the New York Marathon, meeting wonderful new friends and business associates and learning a heck of a lot in a short time… to name a few.

No wonder I am tired. 🙂

You know, I was talking to my friend Pat a couple of weeks ago and we had a conversation that has stuck with me… He asked me “what was next” on my list after conquering the NYC Marathon. I didn’t have an answer for him. I merely shrugged and said, “I think nothing. I don’t have anything on my agenda. I guess I am going to take a break.” He sat right up in his seat and said, “Oh COME ON! I don’t believe that for a second. I know you Jen and you won’t be able to sit still for long.” (I am paraphrasing, of course.)

Let me just say – I hate him for being right. Gah! But I love him for challenging inspiring me.

For right now, however, I am content to just sit quietly and reflect. (And plot my new world domination goals.. muwahahaha)

Business goals I have. We’ve mapped them all out. Personal goals are another matter. And blogging goals, well, that is really high on my list right now. I’ve am very antsy to get back to some serious writing. (Just need to survive the holidays first…) As for my family, well, I will be launching a middle schooler next year and if there is a perfect time to really concentrate on your family, this would be it!

In the interest of wrapping up the year, I put together a quick and dirty slide show for you. Thank you all for being such a huge part of my 38th year… darn! I mean 28th year. Cheers!

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