We had a “incident” at Futsol (indoor soccer) last week. This incident was a blessing in disguise and eventually lent itself to a little Christmas miracle…

My son lost his new winter coat. No big deal right?  Actually, it turned out to be a huge problem.

You see, I wasn’t at Futsol that night. I had a work function to attend to. Because I had a work function, I wasn’t able to hold my son’s new jacket. THE NEW JACKET THAT HIS MOM-MOM AND POP-POP HAD BOUGHT HIM.

So, because I wasn’t there, my little man had to carry the coat with him on the sidelines while he played. As fate would have it, a player from the other team had the EXACT SAME JACKET and they inadvertently switched when they left.

You would have thought the world ended.

Sobbing. Crying. Carrying on. (The child is almost 10, people. It was odd.)

“But I want MYYYYYY jacket!”

I was at a bit of a loss. You see, my husband had tried to figure out who owned what jacket but they were the exact same. It was only when arriving home that the two of them realized it wasn’t his due to the contents in a pocket. Apparently, the other child’s father was a bit difficult to deal with and the process was rushed.

After much talking and cajoling and comforting Young Jedi finally came clean with the real reason he wanted THAT SPECIFIC JACKET… it was because my parents picked it out for him and it was a gift. HIS gift. HIS jacket. It was SPECIAL.

I got it. I understood. But there was no way we were gonna see these folks again. They were random people who didn’t even live in the area. He just had to suck it up.

EXCEPT that last night we had another game. The last game of the season, in fact. And miracle of all miracles there “they” were… and their son was wearing our jacket.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? My son got that sucker back. Even though those parents thought we were crazy. Even though they were not pleasant about it. At. All. Even though it was the SAME EXACT JACKET in every way, my son left wearing it.

Because, as he informed me, the real difference, the real meaning behind that jacket was LOVE. It was HIS grandparent’s love and that is why it could only be worn by him.

I know. You can cry a little if you need to. I got all choked up myself.

It was never about the jacket. It was always about LOVE. And it was his Christmas miracle!