As you know, I recently celebrated my 39th birthday. And as a result of that, I am launching a new project for 2011.

Sound ominous?


While training for the last marathon with Katie, we would often joke about our impending “40th,” largely due to the fact that we both hitting the milestone in 2011. As I have said before, neither of us are necessarily overjoyed or devastated by it, just acutely aware that it is there lurking in the horizon.

Many of our friends have had bad reactions to turning 40. Many have not. But ALL have been aware of it’s significance in their life. Which is why we  jokingly dubbed the upcoming 11 month’s to “F U 40” and vowed to devote them to whatever makes us feel less “middle-aged” and thus reducing the potential for over reaction.

When Katie and I discuss “F U 40” it  is usually in the context of running. But being a goal junkie, I decided to take a different route in embracing my upcoming milestone. In doing some soul searching, I’ve noticed a pattern of  safety and conformity. I tend to opt for the road MORE traveled. I like things that are familiar and less intimidating.

That is no longer an option.

For the purposes of this blog, I am calling my upcoming year of “F U 40” … “Project Me 2011.” Original, ain’t it? (Sorry. I’m just not in a clever mood today and I don’t want to always refer to it as “F U 40.”)

Each month I will be concentrating on tasks that make me branch out, do something different and/or take a chance. That being said, don’t expect me to jump out of an airplane, folks. Whatever I do or don’t do has to fit into my budget and lifestyle. Meaning, I’m not going to take a chance at death while my kids are young. I also want to keep this loose because I suspect that inspiration will hit me as I go along. I plan to announce each new “project” at the beginning of the month.

Of course, I will blog the whole thing. That is a given. (Speaking of… blogging in a more honest and open way is one of my most difficult challenges. Talk about making me uncomfortable? Ugh. That will do it.)

I hope that you will join me on this journey. Should be fun and uncomfortable and interesting. It is my hope that what I learn this year will inspire a new life spent taking the road LESS traveled.

Update: Each month I have been blogging and sometimes privately journalling my experiences. I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a writer at heart. It is really making a difference in my life! (May 2011)