And So The Soccer Madness Begins


If you need me on Monday, Wednesday, Friday… OR Saturday, you can find me shuttling kids all around mid-Maryland soccer fields.

Both boys are enrolled in soccer this season.  BOTH BOYS.  And it terrifies me.  Looking over the season schedules, I realize that we have never been here before.

It is a whole new world.  One that will forever invade our happy, little, chaos -free evenings.  One that will require sandwiches and fast food eaten on the run.  One that will take me away from technology and into sports-land.

I know that other families juggle schedules successfully.  I’ve often marveled at them.  I just don’t know if I will be one of them.

I’m not sure I am ready for this.

11 Responses to "And So The Soccer Madness Begins"

  1. parenting BY dummies
    parenting BY dummies 5 years ago .

    Right there with you. 4 days a week between my two dudes. Plus gymnastics. Madness. M-A-D-N-E-S-S!
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday: So NOT Dumb Edition =-.

  2. blue sky
    blue sky 5 years ago .

    Time for an iphone if you don’t have one already!
    .-= blue sky´s last blog ..Happy Ever After =-.

  3. Andrea
    Andrea 5 years ago .

    We’re doing the same thing with soccer for both boys! It adds a whole new level of crazy to your evenings. Good luck, and, blue sky is right – an iPhone could prove invaluable!

  4. Keyona
    Keyona 5 years ago .

    Bless your heart. I can only imagine…..
    .-= Keyona´s last blog ..Question Of The Week =-.

  5. LoveFeast Table
    LoveFeast Table 5 years ago .

    I had three boys in soccer one year and…NEVER AGAIN! I have five kids and thank goodness, they have all found their “thing”. My life is still chaotic…impossible, really but at least my environment changes from day to day…the theater, baseball field, gymnastics gym, drum school and playground! Shew! Hang in there, it will be a bumpy, yet fun ride!
    .-= LoveFeast Table´s last blog ..VEAL SCALLOPINI – Remembering Childhood =-.

  6. MusingsfromMe/Jill
    MusingsfromMe/Jill 5 years ago .

    Eeek…this is my life all year. We go from volleyball to volleyball to swimming back to volleyball with soccer and karate thrown in for good measure. was so overjoyed when both girls dropped Girl Scouts — one less activity! I need to find the crockpot and start using it to make dinner easier.
    .-= MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last blog ..Your Kid Will Be a Happy Camper at KinderCare! =-.

  7. MrsMoody
    MrsMoody 5 years ago .

    Reminds me of my son, he is a great footie fan, and always playing for fun on sunday (which i mind so much) but it’s better than seeing him playing playstation, thanks for sharing this :)
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  8. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    :) My boys love it too! It is taking over my household.. but in a good way!

  9. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    Oh my gosh Jill! How the heck do you find time for yourself? Or to blog? You are my new hero.

  10. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    Glad their interests are spread out now. I have a feeling that I have entered soccer hell…

  11. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    Well I am in week one. Who knows? The craziness might make for good blog fodder!