How To Make Yourself Look Hideous

If you are a seasoned blogger you might want to move along because I am about to wax poetic about something you have already fallen in love with…PICNIK.

I just love that website.

Picnik is online photo editing made super fun. You can do anything on there: edits, resize, retouch, frame, create a slideshow, anything…  And it is easy enough that your kids can get creative as well.

One example:

I know, right? It has a ton of practical applications, especially if you are a blogger or enjoy digital scrapbooking.  But, in the end it is just a blast to play with.

Do you use Picnik? Or do you favor another tool?

5 Responses to "How To Make Yourself Look Hideous"

  1. Tracy O'Dowd
    Tracy O'Dowd 5 years ago .

    I use Picnik for editing images in Constant Contact. It’s definitely an easy tool!

  2. DiPaola Momma
    DiPaola Momma 5 years ago .

    Yeah I’m a “veteran” blogger and I had NO CLUE! THIS is one of the MANY reasons I hang out around you, it ups my “cool” factor.

  3. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    Oh pu-lease! So not upping the “cool factor”…

  4. JennieG
    JennieG 5 years ago .

    I know…. LOVE IT!

  5. Late Mommy
    Late Mommy 5 years ago .

    Those are great! Except, I feel like a “mombie” most of the time!