“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  ~Author Unknown

Please forgive me for my absence. I’ve not been avoiding you, dear blog readers, just DECIDING.

Deciding on what to tackle for my first “Project Me” month. You see, other than to have more FUN and LAUGH, I’m not making resolutions this year. Project Me is enough to tackle.

I do have GOALS, though. Many are intensely personal. Meaning, I’m not broadcasting them out to the interwebs for discussion. On the fitness front I’ll be doing the Body For Life 12 week program and documenting my progress for Want2Dish. I’m slated to run a half-marathon in the Spring and a full marathon in the fall. And my baby brother has challenged me to give Yoga, his personal passion, a try. (Ack! I am not a yoga fan but a promise is a promise.)


I’m focusing on two things this month. Remember, the purpose of this project is to take me outside my comfort zone, help me grow and get me to regularly branch out, do something different and/or take a chance.

1. Read the newspaper – Seriously. How many of you take a moment to read the newspaper every day? I am sporadic at best. Those damn papers pile up in my driveway mocking me and my ignorance. This task represents knowledge. And knowledge, as they say, is power.

2.Owning it – I need to explain this a little to you. When I say “owning it” I mean the good, the bad and the ugly. I mean coming face to face with the strengths and weaknesses and making peace with them. Being realistic. Taking charge. For example – I have a problem with organization. I am a hot mess. It took me awhile to admit that. I will tackle that problem head on and make specific changes to rectify it. On the flip side, I generally don’t assert my knowledge/expertise in specific areas of my life and work, instead leaving it to others to claim. Perhaps because as a woman I was always taught to be “modest” or perhaps it is because I’ve been conditioned to think that in business “someone else” always knows more. Either way, I have a brain and specific opinions. I need to own it.

So this month I’ll be blogging away on  issues that relate to these two tasks. Along with other random topics, of course. (Because I am random like that.) Let’s keep each other motivated!

What about YOU? Did you make resolutions this year? What are YOU working on?