Today marked the first day of our NEW routine. Ahem.

I fully expect to be a raging wench for the next two weeks. Hey, transitions are HARD okay? Pray for my children, folks. Mommy is beginning her three month makeover.

Today my husband and I arose at 4:30am to begin our Body for Life program. We’ve done this before and I know from experience that the first couple of weeks will suck. (I’m not gonna lie. Who WOULDN’T rather sleep in and eat what they want if they could be thin?)

The deadly combination of lack of sleep, aching muscles and new nutrition plan will rock my world for a bit. Which basically means, the sooner I see results the safer my family is. I’m thinking that if I hit the first two weeks hard, I can get the kick and by kick I mean a smaller waistline I need to adjust my attitude to this new and healthier lifestyle.

Mornings from here on out will consist of heavy weight training, running or P90X and getting my husband up and out the door before 6:15am. After that I get 40-45 minutes to prep the kids lunches, put on makeup or get sucked into Facebook or the blog. The oldest gets dropped off at school around 7:55 a.m. and the youngest hops on the bus at 8:30 a.m. I immediately turn around and head to the office to begin my “work” day.

Yeah. Mornings are pretty busy around here. So you see why the addition of Body for Life will make the next two weeks a little trying.

Oye. I’ll letย  you know how it is going. As long as I still have my coffee, I think I can make it through. It is the little things, right?