Talk about taking myself out of my comfort zone, today I admit defeat. At least, PARTIAL defeat.

Remember my focus list for January?

Only two things did I commit to:

  • read the newspaper
  • own it


1. Read the newspaper: FAIL!!!  Those damn papers ARE STILL piling  up in my driveway. I can’t believe it. My lack of discipline in this area is frustrating.  I skim and skip. Trying to keep an handle on it….

2. Owning it – If you need an explanation of what I mean, read my first post to catch up. I’ve taken some amazing steps in conquering this challenge.

In fact, I have a huge admission to make: I have ADD. Oh duh, you say?  Of course it  isn’t a secret. Anyone who knows me understands that. In fact, it is a running joke. Coping with my ADD is not, however, a laughing matter. Managing multiple clients with multiple tasks, mediums and deadlines is challenging even for the most intense and focused individual. In the past, I have found myself waking up at all times of the night writing “to do lists” or rushing to the computer to complete a task.

This month I’m “owning it” and attacking the ADD head on. Changing my diet. Instituting routines and investing in medication. (Gasp! Did she just admit that? In front of the entire Internet? Why, yes, yes I did. I want others to know they are not alone out there.) I’ve been using the same medicine that my son takes (Did you know that ADD runs in the family? Neither did I…) for about a week now with amazing results. AMAZING. Direct quote by a friend who wasn’t in the know, “Well, aren’t you Miss Suzi Getitdone lately?”  So far. So good.

In conjunction, I’m actively seeking out new technology to keep myself together and on task. There are some amazing tools out there that I was completely unaware of. In fact, I’m working on a blog post of resource suggestions to share later this week.

So that is my update for now. I’d write more but I need to attempt to read that darn newspaper before the kids get up….

The purpose of PROJECT ME is make me live a little bit outside my comfort zone, help me grow and  regularly branch out, do something different and/or take a chance.