Kim Kardashian & The Decay Of Marriage

It was called “America’s version of the royal wedding.” Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ nuptials were an extravaganza of major proportions costing them over $10 million.

And now it is reportedly OVER. In a mere 72 days. If you do the math it cost them approximately $138,888.88 per day to be wed.

It is laughable.

And incredibly sad.

Whatever happened to real love and real marriage? The death-till-us-part kind? The kind that weathers the storm? The kind that sucks one day and is glorious the next? The kind where two people work together and play together and love together?

What the hell are these celebrities teaching our children?

I’ll tell you what. They are teaching them to be fickle and disloyal and insincere. They are teaching them that marriage is not sacred. That love is fleeting and can be easily replaced.

My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week. FIFTEEN YEARS.

Are there hard times?  Hell, yes.

Are there glorious times?  Absolutely.

Is marriage easy?  Not even close.

Is true love even possible anymore?  I’m living proof of it.

Now I am sure Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t envision themselves divorced so swiftly but I am not convinced that they even gave their union a fighting chance. How can you possibly say you “worked” at your marriage when you didn’t even give it three months?

Again, I say… so sad.

BTW – If you are still reeling from the dollar figure I tossed out earlier,  don’t cry for the couple. They’ll be just fine.  Much of the over-the-top event was completely free.  In fact, they were  reported to have made $17.9 million from the resulting E! four-hour, two-part TV special. (Not including the  $2.5 million People Magazine paid them for their photos, natch.)

Update – found this photo on Facebook. No idea who created it or I would credit. What do YOU think? (The cynic in me had to laugh.)



9 Responses to "Kim Kardashian & The Decay Of Marriage"

  1. Shana D
    Shana D 4 years ago .

    Honestly, it makes me sick & this is why I do not pay attention to anything Kardashian in the media. They have no moral values

  2. Becca Bernstein
    Becca Bernstein 4 years ago .

    I’d love to be married for 72 days. How fun would that be? Then, I could just pick a hot dude and enjoy him w/o having to worry about him being a good partner, father, cleaner, etc.

  3. John Mark Harris
    John Mark Harris 4 years ago .

    Not my marriage!

    This makes me sick. My cousin spent $6M on his wedding and his wife passed away about 2 years later unexpectedly. I know he’d give anything to have her back. There are “rich people” who “get it” – but just because you have money “like Kim” doesn’t mean you’re any smarter than anyone else…

  4. Kevin Bruce
    Kevin Bruce 4 years ago .

    Marriage is a giving of each other. The two together make up a greater whole. Like all things good, you get out what you put in. Apparently they got crap out of their relationship.

  5. Emily
    Emily 4 years ago .

    Agreed Shana, I might be done with the Kardashian’s from now on. I’ll admit that I watch their show(s) as much as the next E! addict, but there’s something about this divorce that is particularly unsettling and makes me no longer wish to support their charades. Millions of women (and men) idolize the Kardashian’s for their beauty, success, and talentless fame. And now, the most famous one glorified her marriages on TV, and 72 days looks like a complete idiot for trying to pass off a $10million party as a marriage. Party Planner? Yes. Wife? I guess not.

  6. Dipaola Momma
    Dipaola Momma 4 years ago .

    Usually I’m “all-in” with ya Jenn, but I’ve got to say that I see nothing “sad” about this. What, I’m disagreeing? Yup! See I don’t think this was anything other than yet another in a pathetically long line of stunts by the Ks to keep making money for having no talent, nothing to contribute to society and an insatiable lust for attention and cash. It had nothing to do with a marriage and everything to do with a disgusting display of greed that plays to the collective addiction to voyeuristic “entertainment”. I’m sickened by the fact that this divorce is “news worthy”. What I really want to know is if Kim wears pantyhose. (rant fin)

  7. Liz @ Six Year Itch
    Liz @ Six Year Itch 4 years ago .

    I hope celebrities aren’t teaching children anything. Especially Kim.

    I’m not married, although I have been with my partner for 11 years. We have a committed relationship and a daughter; and hopefully we’re the role models I envision us to be. My issue with the extreme amount of materialism. How many kids could have been fed, or books bought, or jobs created with 10 million? But on the other hand, my mother and her fiance have had 5 marriages between them.

    Marriage is not what it used to be and while I’m thankful for that — on many different levels — I’m almost incredibly annoyed that a significant portion of our population cannot wed because some think it destroys “sanctity.” Which is laughable.

  8. Steph
    Steph 4 years ago .

    It is a little… okay a lot depressing. It shows our kids that marriage is not sacred and if it gets difficult just move on.

  9. Tim@sogeshirts
    Tim@sogeshirts 4 years ago .

    The Kardashians are a joke. I heard her publicist was calling all the Nba teams to see if any Nba players would date her. Sham marriage. That pic you posted at the end was hilarious.