UnMarketingScott Stratten
UnMarketing is a GREAT BOOK. If you are in marketing (and, truly, who isn’t?) or run your own business or non-profit, this book is a must-read. Stratten covers the changing landscape of business and customer relationships in witty and fresh way. (Thank heavens! Why does everyone always have to be so damn serious?) The central theme of UnMarketing is relationships – online and offline. He flips the entire concept of traditional marketing upside down and preaches engagement rather than old school interruption-based marketing methods. Heavy on social media engagement and advice, the book gives tons of tips and practical methods for building a strategy that will work for you, your brand or non-profit.

Verdict: Buy it now. Read it. Highlight it. Read it again. Repeat.

Hunger Games / Catching Fire / MockingjaySuzanne Collins
My sister originally turned me on to this series. It took me one week to read all three of these novels. One week. (Working full time even.) Not a lot of sleep. I loved them. Loved! The concept was original. The story was riveting. Did I agree with all of the plot turns? Admittedly, no. But I enjoyed the heroine immensely, even with all of her flaws. And the ending… was a sigh of relief.

I hear they are even making these books into a movie. I’m not so sure that I’ll be lined up to watch it, though. The characters really came alive for me and usually that guarantees that I will hate a Hollywood interpretation.

Verdict: If you haven’t picked up the Hunger Games series I urge you to run to your nearest bookstore or library. They are well worth your time!

NEXT MONTH: Bird by Bird – Some Instructions on Writing & Life by Anne Lamott. I’ll report more on that and others next month…