I’m pretty sure my business partner thought I was nuts yesterday.

I had a mid-day freak out about Valentine’s Day.


I’d been humming along all day at the office really nailing my to-do list. I was productive. I was jovial. I was creative…. And I forgot all about my children and Valentine’s Day. Oh I took care of my husband, of course and he had presents all wrapped up for ME, but the kids? Nothing. Not even one candy heart. (Nuts, by the way, equals swearing out loud like a truck driver to no one in particular and slipping into an “I’m a terrible mother” funk/coma for 30 minutes without explanation.)


It is so hard to be a the perfect mother when you are in the workforce… (And by perfect mother I mean one that does not land their kids in therapy by age 13. I have low standards, obviously.) Remembering every client need and every deadline. Remembering every doctor’s appointment, homework assignment, school schedule and favorite food. Keeping the household together is a job for at least four people, let alone one little ADD riddled chick in Maryland. There are some days I just completely fail. Okay, there are a lot of days that I completely fail. Or at least that is the way I feel.

It is a constant juggle.

I’m learning though. Learning how to fit it all in. Learning how to organize and prioritize. Learning how to say “no.” Learning to relax my standards and expectations a bit.

Anyone else out there in the same boat? Any triumph or fail stories you would like to share? Advice on how to keep it together?

As an aside: We did end up with a happy ending to our Valentine’s Day despite my lack of planning. A meeting got rescheduled suddenly, mommy dashed off to Walmart, daddy cooked steaks and the boys got to drink soda out of wine glasses. The kids never suspected a thing.

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