When you think of motherhood milestones, what comes to mind?

First solid meal? First tooth or haircut? Perhaps baby’s first steps?


How about FIRST BLACK EYE?  Now THERE is something to be proud of. That was my big milestone this week. Young  Jedi woke up this morning with a swollen shiner where his left eye used to be.

Apparently he and one of the neighbor kids collided when diving for a basketball last night. He claims that it wasn’t a big deal and that he didn’t even cry.

It was kind of a big deal for me, though. I was shaken to be sure. But my brother (ex-delinquent that he is) assured me that it looked worse than it was, that there was would be many more where that came from and that I just needed to “suck it up.”


Another big milestone for me this week?  THE FIRST LOVE NOTE HAS MADE ITS WAY INTO MY HOUSEHOLD. Yes, you heard me. Some young tart is trying to steal my baby from me.

It is ON, people.  That little pre-teen gal doesn’t know who she is toying with. (Obviously.)

I don’t know what is worse for a mom to deal with  –  love or violence?

In any event, tonight I am drinking a very large glass of wine and as a result of which I feel much better.