On Saturday night I found myself completely out of my element.

Instead of spending the evening with my family in some sort of testosterone-fueled activity, I was childless and wearing heels (!) and attending a local ADDY Awards Gala. (What in the world is an ADDY Awards Gala, you ask? “The ADDY Awards honor excellence in advertising and cultivates the highest creative standards in the industry.” Got all that? Ahem. Moving on…)

As I was saying, I was all childless and dressed up and surrounded by brilliant, beautiful and creative people who were being, well,  brilliant, beautiful and creative.

Intimidated? Why yes, thank you very much.

BUT, I had a great time. And mingled with some amazing people.


All photos taken by Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Two projects we (my business partner Amy & I) worked on even managed to bring in a little ADDY Award bling thanks to Megan (aka “Alice”) from Think Baseline’s talent.  Pictures (from top left): Me and my man, Amy & I , brilliance from the crowd and the girls of the Garden at 147 (Mary Kate, Amy, Megan & I) with the awards.

It was such an exciting night for everyone. Indeed, you could say it was my own little version of the Oscars sans the musical numbers, awkward pauses and near wardrobe malfunctions. (Although, to be fair, I did catch my heel in the stage and nearly wipe out descending the stairs. So at least I wasn’t THAT much out of my element.)

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