Dani Johnson - Secret Millionaire


Last night my family and I watched the season premier of Secret Millionaire on ABC.


The show is about  American millionaires who gain a new perspective as they go incognito and work at minimum wage jobs in some of the country’s most poverty-stricken neighborhoods. After they work side by side with needy-and-deserving people, the “secret millionaires” meet up with those they want to help, reveal their true identity and give away at least $100,000 to the lucky recipients.

I was so moved by the show and it’s premise that I found myself in tears throughout the night.

You see, I work with non-profits every day. From free medical care to the uninsured to assistance with mental health services, organizations intent on helping children who’ve aged out of the foster care system to those providing emergency human needs, I have been privileged to work with some of the most unbelievable people. And as a former development officer myself, I’ve faced the overwhelming financial hardships that are felt by those type of organizations every day.

The generosity that Dani Johnson, the season’s first millionaire,  showed to the Knoxville non-profits CHANGED THEIR LIVES. Not just the lives of those benefiting from the non-profit’s services but also the lives of the individuals running the organizations.

They will never be the same.

My own children were so inspired that they spent the next morning gathering money and change to donate to the poor box in church.

Can you imagine what kind of an impact this type of show can have on the state of philanthropy today? If two little boys are inspired enough to raid their piggy banks in Frederick, Maryland, I know that this show can move others with more means to do the same.

If you are interested, ABC  has begun their own movement in addition to the series. Please visit their website for more information on how you can help those around you or contact your local non-profit organizations to find out where their might be a need.

Here’s a taste of what the show has to offer:

Best quote of the night? “We idolize celebrities, we idolize professional athletes, we idolize millionaires, we idolize all the wrong people. The people who have started these organizations…they are the model Americans.” – Dani Johnson (Amen!!)

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