Times are a changin’ here on this blog.

My kids are growing up. Sigh. I just have to face it.

My kids are growing up and so is my blog.

The issues the boys are facing in their lives at this juncture are, shall we say, of a more sensitive nature.

Puberty, my friends. Puberty and all of the joys that come with it. And by joys I mean attitude. And by attitude I mean full out tears and trauma.

Go ahead and laugh if you want. I understand. It is only the beginning.

As for this blog, I see a line being drawn in the sand in regards to the type of content I will be able to cover without mortifying my children and ruining their social lives forever. I’m trying very hard to keep these posts contained. (I can’t tell you the number of times I have begun the post about pubic hair and shower irregularities. So. Hard. Not. To. Write. And what about the whole “how babies are made” topic? OMG.) I really don’t want to devastate them but oh how funny things are right now!  If I ever needed moral support from other mothers, this is the time. I feel like someone duct taped my mouth (fingers) shut.  Arrgghhhhh!!!

So bear with me as I find my way through blogging with pre-teen boys. And please, if you have some advice – I NEED IT!

As an aside, Hip As I Wanna Be was featured in a new Maryland Family Magazine article about mom bloggers – “The Best Friend You’ve Never Met.” You should go read the article and get acquainted with some other fantastic area bloggers!

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