At first, I thought it was no big deal.

An earthquake. “Probably a minor one,” I thought to myself.

Then came word of a tsunami. “Probably a minor one,” I thought again. (Because there was no way it could be worse that the last Tsunami disaster, right?) But I was busy getting my kids ready for school and I wasn’t able to concentrate well on reports of damage coming in.

And then I was late for work.

Granted, later I checked online to see how Hawaii and California were doing. Someone told me they might have seen some damage from minor tsunami waves. The news reports weren’t that bad. I was relieved.

I do, however, remember a nagging concern that although no official death reports were in yet, things were probably worse then they seemed.

And now, well, now we know…

And I am beside myself.  I can’t get Japan off of my mind. There are no words to adequately describe the devastation, are there?

The headlines haunt me:

And now I’m seeing the obligatory roll out of products where “proceeds benefit” the disaster relief fund. Not to sound cynical but, why can’t companies just flat out DONATE to help with disaster relief? Why does it have to be so complicated? (Because really, I don’t want to buy a T-shirt to compel you to donate… just do it already. Do it because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. Take a lesson from Sandra Bullock.)

Source: AP

When you look at images such as these, how can you NOT give?

Note: If you want to help, please go to and donate to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. You can also make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Gifts to the American Red Cross will support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

Have you been affected by the tragedy?

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