Boy have I been off of my running game lately.

Last week I skipped my long run. I had so much to do and so many pressing commitments that I had to skip my run with the girls. Long story short, I never made up for it on my own. (Shocking, right?)

This week consisted of a four mile run, a two and a half mile run and an eight mile hill run.

Can I just say that the eight miler kicked my ever-lovin’ a$$? Those hills were brutal. Now, I admit that I deserve the punishment – I haven’t been eating properly and the time change is still wrecking havoc on my life. I should be sleeping more. I’m actually kind of worried about my overall exhaustion. I don’t know if I should see a doctor or if I just need a good ole fashioned kick in the pants.


I will be running  a 1/2 marathon on May 7th with my bestie Lori and although I know that I can do it, I just hate the physical shape that I am in. I need to drop some weight, tone up and find some energy – STAT. I really hate crossing the finish line spent.

I have seven weeks to get something done.

I’m sooooo not motivated.

Help? Anyone know a quick program to get me going?