My youngest has us all in a tizzy these days.

One morning the child woke up, looked around and came to the shocking realization that he was 10 and still had dinosaurs in his room.

A tragedy of immense proportions, indeed.

Dinosaurs, as you know, ARE FOR KIDS. No self-respecting 4th grader has them adorning his sheets because OH MY GOD ITS SO NOT COOL.

I guess technically we knew this day was coming. We’d been biding our time until he made the metamorphosis from boy to pre-teen. We just didn’t know it would require a complete redesign a la HGTV.

In any event, we have been in full-out extreme makeover mode ever since “the realization.”  The prehistoric kiddie room (baby blue, orange and soft yellow) has now morphed into a more modern skater-themed hang out (grey, black, white and neon green). We even tried to figure out how to add secret compartments and hiding spaces for an added secret agent hidden-stuff-from-the-world vibe.

It seemed, however, that his pre-teenness was not finished with his requests yet. Last night he pulled me aside and told me he would like to add “a little technology” to his space.

Huh? “Technology?!?”

In my head I was envisioning flat screen televisions, iPads and stark futuristic looking gadgets from Best Buy. (Which equals big $$$ and a big “NO WAY” kind of answer.)

But the child said, “You know mommy, like where you clap your hands and the lights come on and off? You know, TECHNOLOGY!”

Yes gang, my sweet boy wants a Clapper.

And THAT is so adorable that he is totally going to get one.