Intstagram: My newest obsession. Think Flickr / Twitter combination. Instagram is a free iPhone app that enables you to take a photo (snapped at the moment or from your existing gallery) and enhance it with eleven different possible filters and share it on your various social networks, as well as on the Instagram network itself. The app also lets you import contacts from Facebook and Twitter and search out names of people to follow. (Look me up! I’m jennifergerlock)

It is crazy addictive.

You can also use numerous other photo apps with it as well like Labelbox. Labelbox is a simple app. You take a photo (or load one from your library), then choose a label from a drawer at the bottom of the screen. Fix your label to the photo and voila (!) you have a beautiful creation. The app comes with six different labels for free, as well as four others which are available for $0.99.

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Have you used either of these? Do you have another you would recommend?