Have you read the article released today in the Wall Street Journal? It’s called When Twittering Get’s In The Way Of Real Life .

And… I totally wrote it.

Okay, actually Katherine Rosman wrote it but it could have been me. Except for the fact that this woman has published a book and AHEM is a Wall Street Journal writer, it seems that we live pretty similar lives.

We’re both working mothers relying heavily on technology as part of our jobs and to manage our daily work/life responsibilities.  And we both really ENJOY IT. (To quote Rosman, “I am online way too much. I check email. I check Facebook. I check Twitter. I check my email again.”)

Another thing that we both have in common are husbands who do not “appreciate” the social media world like we do.

My husband, well, lets just say there are times when he absolutely HATES IT.

Yes, I said HATE. It has been the topic of many a heated conversation in my household.

I’ve been guilty of tweeting at soccer games and sneaking off to the bathroom to check for email or to post a Facebook status. I mean, who hasn’t? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

And, indeed, social media has gotten in the way of my real life from time to time. Most definitely.

I’ve spent sports practices in my car playing on technology instead of conversing with other parents who where in attendance. I’ve whipped out my smartphone to log a witty status update in the middle of a function. I’ve taken ridiculous photos for the sole purpose of displaying them on Twitter. My kids and I even fight over the iPad. (They want the games, I want the Hootsuite)


But slowly I am learning the delicate art of balance and focus. I’m becoming more aware of when I am not present in the moment. I EVEN SHUT OFF THE COMPUTER NOW. I know, right?

And not to try to deflect my responsibility but I am not alone. There are so many others who have this very same life balance issue. I talk with pals about it all the time.  And it seems incredibly relevant in light of this new article.

How about you? Do your social media habits get in the way of YOUR life? Does it spark conversation or controversy in your marriage?