My family calls me George Bailey. If you’ve seen the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life” then you know that George’s character always wanted to  travel and see the world. Life always seemed to get in the way, however, and the poor guy kept having to postpone his dreams time after time.


George and I have a lot in common. I’ve always wanted to travel. I can trace my wanderlust back to the fourth grade when my family left Maryland to live in Fort Wadsworth in New York. At the time, the fort was abandoned and not well taken care of. It had been closed since World War II and it proved to be an amazing place to explore for this fantasy-laden girl.

Soon after, I discovered British literature, Egyptian mythology and historical romance novels. Need I say more? I have been obsessed with world travel ever since.

And like George Bailey,  I have never gotten to travel. I’ve never been remotely close to any of my top five … England, Italy, France, Egypt or Greece.

But oh how I long to see this…

Or drink coffee here…

I know that one day I will sip coffee in Paris, roam through the moors of England and drink wine in Italy. One day, when the kids are older, I’ll make it there…

How about you? What do you long for?

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