Let me start by saying that I just discovered Kristin van Ogtrop quite by accident yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I picked up her book, Just Let Me Lie Down, and was instantly hooked! This is one lady who understands the life of a working mother.  I don’t often make impulse book purchases but oh yeah, that one came home with me. I’ve read half of the book already because apparently this woman and I live the same life… (There is such comfort in knowing that others are in the same boat and can laugh about it.)

Upon further research I discovered that she can also be found online writing blogs for Real Simple magazine (she is the editor) and the Huffington Post.  Here are a few gems for your Sunday reading pleasure:

Can Career Women Be Successful Mothers?

Advice I Wish I Could Give My Younger Self

Beautiful Two-Word Combinations, Immature and Otherwise

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