File this under “things that make you go hmmmm….”

Today I had a woman try to throw down with me at the grocery store.

I was in the self-checkout line and apparently…. MY STUFF TOUCHED HER STUFF.

And she was hopping mad.

Now mind you, when I came to the line she was already done and had her stuff packed into bags and mostly put into her cart. After I began checking out I noticed that the belt sent my items down her end pretty quickly. I even looked straight at her and said, “Oh, I’m sorry!”  She completely ignored me so I figured she didn’t care.


Isn’t it funny how people let simple things in life rile them up?

Actually, I should rephrase that… Isn’t it SAD?

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and took the high road. I completely ignored the very, very loud rant about MY STUFF being in her way and HOW RUDE I was and THE STATE OF THE WORLD and all of that.

Because, really?! She had two measly bags on the counter and I refuse to be one of those kind of grocery-store-cat-fighting women. It probably WOULD have been amusing to participate in though. I’ve never been in a fight in my life. Let alone one involving grocery store aggression. My first fight would have been mighty lame….

Can you imagine hearing this over your grocery loudspeaker? “Security! Cat fight in aisle three!”

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