I’m going to address something today that I don’t usually talk about.

Over the years I have discussed my various career moves and balancing family life and career decisions but I’ve never really delved intensely into the “why” behind those moves.

I have a son with a learning disability. Or at least he used to be classified as having a disability. He’s been through OT and speech therapy as well as intensive reading and math interventions. At this point, at least according to the school system, he is classified as having ADD and has an IEP for school.

Dealing with my son’s “issues” (Oh how I hate that label. Total bunk in my opinion.) has steered my career decisions for the past seven years.

I have some very strong opinions about boys and learning. I’ve read tons of books on ADD and diet, ADD and education, ADD in boys versus girls, the state of the education system, methods of teaching in school and on and on…

And one of the opinions that I have formed having done this research and having lived with boys (who both learn completely differently from one another) is that boys are expected to learn and perform in an education system shaped for instructing GIRLS. (I could write three or four blog posts on this fact alone but that is not my purpose here today.)

Sit still. Pay attention. Abandon your interests. Talk about this. Don’t talk about THAT. Please be silent. Stop moving about…

You get my drift, don’t you?

I came across this talk on TED the other day by Ali Carr-Chellman on “Gaming to re-engage boys in learning” and I thought that it was really a great resource for parents of boys. I hope that you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what YOU think…

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