If you have read my blog for any length of time, then you know that this December I hit the big 4-0 milestone. I’ve gone through various stages of emotions regarding this fact, I’m ashamed to admit. First was excitement, then irreverence and finally, full speed ahead to panic. Before you jump to conclusions about my “panic,” let me clear one thing up for you – it is not about the age. It is about accomplishments. It is about getting “my house” in order. It is about goal setting.

So, this morning I put together a list of 40 things that I want to do prior to the big 4-0.  I’ll blog about them as I accomplish them. Crossing my fingers that I manage to get it all done!


  • Finish decorating my bedroom.
  • Complete the picture mural in the living room.
  • Begin writing a book.
  • Bring back the pink hair or get a nose piercing.
  • Learn how to skateboard.
  • Have my first girlfriend’s weekend away.
  • Visit the beach.
  • Buy an expensive night cream.
  • Buy a new (read: slinky) dress to wear to a fancy function.
  • Get an extravagant pedicure.
  • Adopt a mantra.
  • Buy iPhone 4
  • Complete a Bible study.
  • Join a book club. (online or in person)
  • Take a cooking class.

Blog / Online

  • Finish the blog redesign along with You Tube, Twitter, About.Me and new blog cards.
  • Launch a new web series.
  • Get that big content idea off the ground.
  • Land a really cool partnership.
  • Nab a cool guest post opportunity or meet a blogger that I’ve always admired.

Fitness Goals

  • Lose that 15 pounds.
  • Run the Baltimore marathon.
  • Finish a Body-For-Life round.
  • Try Yoga.


  • Join the board of directors or take a leadership role in an organization.
  • Finish decorating my office.
  • Find an organizational system that works perfectly for me.
  • Do something outside my comfort zone.
  • Write a white paper.
  • Land a speaking engagement.
  • Attend a conference or take an online course in my industry.


  • Take each boy on a special day alone.
  • Run a 5K with one or both of the boys.
  • Spend a romantic night away with my husband.
  • See a musical, play or performance.
  • Take the boys to New York.
  • Go to a theme park.
  • Call my sister(s) every week.
  • Have tea at a tea room with my mother and sisters.
  • Take a family hike.
Enhanced by ZemantaYou may ask yourself, WHY am I telling the world this nonsense? Because my dear friend, if it is out there then I HAVE TO DO IT. Accountability is a good thing.

What big goals do you have before you turn 40? Or 50? Or 60? Or even 30?