Let me tell you, the world MUST be coming to an end today because the Gerlock family just bought a new car.

A. NEW. CAR. (Well, new to us anyway.)

Our first new car, the Honda CR-V, was bought right before Tiny Ninja was born… 12 years ago. And not surprisingly, the boys were kinda sad to see it go. They kept crawling through it and honking the horn saying, “I’m going to miss our car Momma.” Sweet, no?

Heh. Not sweet enough to make us keep it. Even though it WAS a fabulous car.

It was a big lesson on letting go.  (Because Momma needed a new ride.)

So here she is, the next car that we will drive into the ground …. our Saturn Outlook. Big enough to house multiple teenage boys (Ack! My future!) and handle long family road trips. Enough cup holders to manage multiple Dunkin Donuts runs. Plenty of storage space for carting supplies to event and work functions…. (Insert heavenly choir here.)

First thing I did when I got her home? Stick a 26.2 magnet on the back. Hey, a girl has her priorities.