According to a new study of working mothers (conducted by iVillage and the “2011 Moms At Work Survey” found that salary outranks the desire for family-friendly benefits when it comes to job priorities — with 97% of working moms surveyed saying that salary is most important to them (Duh! I could have told you that), followed by a family-friendly work environment (91%), job enjoyment (91%), flexible hours (86%), a short commute (83%) and health insurance for the family (81%).

Some interesting tidbits – Eight out of ten working mothers polled are earning at least half or more of their household’s income. (Girl power!) More than two-thirds (68%) of working moms reported they are still responsible for most of the household chores — clearly illustrating that today’s working mother is spending her life on double duty, with increased responsibilities at the office and at home. (What is the news here? I think we all know this. Who isn’t pulling double or triple duty these days?)

The study also found:

  • Although 90% of working moms feel tired and stressed, over 85% feel happy and proud. (I get the “happy and proud” idea but mostly I am just damn tired. Admittedly, a glass of wine at the end of the day usually elevates my mood to “happy” so there is that.)
  • All moms, whether they are working or not, continue to be responsible for the majority of the household chores. In two-thirds of dual working families, moms are responsible for 75% or more of all the household chores, with 97% of those surveyed responsible for half or more of the duties in the house. (If I comment further on this question I may end up divorced so let’s just say… “I concur.”)
  • 68% of women polled would trade in their executive assistant for an assistant at home. (Not that I personally have one but yes, in a heartbeat! How the hell am I supposed to keep up with their school and sport schedules as well as fight boy germs in the bathroom?)
  • Women aren’t receiving a passing grade when it comes to healthy habits. 77% agree that juggling work and family makes it hard to live a healthy lifestyle with close to 25% of moms reporting that they are not allowed to get sick! (Isn’t this obvious?)
  • While the good news is that 59% of women surveyed are satisfied with the amount of time spent with their children, almost half, 47%, are not satisfied with the amount of time spent keeping fit/healthy. (For me it is either working out at 4:30am or after 8pm. Who has the energy for THAT?)
  • 23% of working moms polled would welcome increased support from friends and family, and 41% want more support from their husband/partner to make their lives easier. (Again… no comment. I just wish my mom lived closer.)
  • Merely 3 out of 10 women are happy with the amount of time they are able to spend alone with their partners once out of the office. (See my 40 before 40 list… spending more time with hubby is on there.)
  • Today’s working mom is more mobile than ever before! 67% of working moms rely on their smart phone to make their lives easier. (Seriously! My husband is actually jealous of the amount of time I spend with mine. It is like a personal assistant or hunky pool boy. Hmm… maybe I should give it a name?)