Where do  you go for inspiration?

When circumstances have beaten you down and you are drained emotionally, physically, spritually and mentally… what do you do? How do you fill your tank back up?

Me? I go to nature.

In fact, it is 5:00 in the morning and I am sitting on my porch writing this blog. The birds are announcing the day with vigor. The air is warm and inviting. My soul feels full.

I am inspired.

Nature does it for me. When I see a blooming flower or a forest begging to be explored, I am filled with creative energy.

We all have periods in our lives when we feel indifferent or confined by our circumstances. When your every day is filled with the same routine (kids to be fed, bills to pay, commitments to honor) it can be difficult to feel inspired.

Four Simple Tips To Help You Find Your Inspiration:

1. Reach out – Pick up the phone and schedule lunch, dinner, coffee, or a catch-up conversation with a friend or mentor  who you admire and has great energy. Feed off of their spirit.

2. Bring on the affirmations –  Your happiness (and success) in life is determined by the thoughts you cultivate in your subconscious mind. Positive affirmations are powerful statements that  create positive subconscious thoughts.  For 30 days focus on affirmations of happiness, abundance and prosperity.  Many experts assert that it takes  21 days to make a perceptible change in your mental image. Use affirmations frequently and you will soon find yourself in a completely new state of mind.

3. Lose yourself – Books are your friend. When I am in a funk I find that my best course of action is to lose myself in the written word. Depending on my mood, I’ll either reach for a book in the self-help/motivational genre or a fictional one that I can completely immerse myself in. I’ve found renewed energy as a result of the most unexpected storylines.

4. Get Physical – Get out and move! Go for a walk. Hit the trails. Get on your bike. Clear your head. I am always amazed at the phenomenal ideas that present themselves after I get moving and get physical.

Where do YOU go for inspiration? What fills YOUR soul? I’d love to hear!