I don’t know about you but I have the most ridiculous conversation with myself in the early morning.

I need to get up and workout.

But I am so TIRED.

Maybe I can sleep just a little longer? Or workout when I get home? Or maybe I will walk with a friend. Or maybe I don’t NEED to work out today. I’ll just workout tomorrow. After all, I am really, really TIRED. No. No. I’ll get up and workout… in five minutes.

And on and on and on…. by the time I go through my litany of excuses I have wasted a good 20 minutes and not done a damn thing.

I’m sure you have no idea what I am talking about. Right?

THIS morning I only haggled with myself for five minutes because I remembered this Nike ad that I found on Kelly Olexa’s site the other day.

Can’t argue with THAT, can you?

So I got up and hit the treadmill and, of course, I’m glad that I did. Suddenly the warm bed seems less inviting than the smaller pant size. Heh.

My running partners (Lori & Katie) and I are getting ready to embark on our Fall marathon training program. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, we’ll be running the Baltimore Marathon on October 15th. It will be Lori’s first (holla!) marathon, my fourth and Katie’s fifth (over achiever!). I’m resolved to be a heck of a lot stronger this year. My goal? To finish with a humongous smile on my face.

And because I love a challenge I am going to attempt to do something ridiculous in the next week: to complete 26.2 miles over the course of 7 days. I blame Running On Awesome for the idea. (I don’t even know him and I am blaming him. Ha!) Quite frankly, it is a crazy idea that IN NO WAY FITS INTO MY SCHEDULE but we will see how it goes. It just seems fitting to kick off marathon training with marathon week.

Yes, I am a little loopy… but I have some spanking new Saucony’s that need to be broken in.

(BTW – If you want to track my progress, it can be found here.)