On Friday afternoon I got a pretty exciting opportunity… to chat with Heidi Klum.

Yeah, that Heidi Klum.

(The above pic is me on a conference call with her. Heh.)

The supermodel has teamed up with AOL to launch HeidiKlum.aol.com, a new lifestyle site offering a wide range of coverage targeted at women –  news, opinions about fashion, beauty, parenting, fitness, nutrition, relationships, lifestyle trends, entertaining, etc.

She won’t be doing it alone, however.  She is bringing in her real life team of experts. Said Heidi, “People can hear it from the horses mouths and from the people who have been helping me for the past 10 years.”

Smart gal. (Hey, she never claimed to have all of the answers herself.)

As I listened to her talk, I realized that she is, indeed, a wonderful example for modern women, working hard at balancing motherhood and her career while making time to nurture her own self. (Not to mention maintaining a great sense of humor.)

Personally, I liked hearing her talk about how she juggles her busy lifestyle. Take heart working moms out there – she is in the same boat as the rest of us, getting up early in the morning to work before the family is awake. She is no stranger to rising before the sun.

As for her family? She makes it a priority to spend every day with them and pays particular attention to one-on-one time with each of her children.


I admit to being a little intimidated (okay, A LOT INTIMIDATED) by the whole high fashion scene, not to mention the empire this supermodel has built for herself in that industry. (Project Runway, anyone?) But fashionistas will be delighted that a staple on the new site features Heidi in a unique  “look of the day.” (Plus info on what she has paired together to create it.)

Surprisingly, she has a much more rational fashion outlook than I expected, “It is my real life. Sometimes I wear jeans from Gap and sometimes from a high-end designer. That is what the modern woman of today is. She is eclectic and shows that style doesn’t necessarily have to be how expensive something is, instead it is what looks good on you.”


And lo and behold, the conversation even turned to running. (Go figure, right?) Ironically, beginning June 20th she will launch an eight week running campaign encouraging site visitors to run with her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

(Every day, I thought? I’ve never done that. Truth be told, I’ve never even contemplated that. Now, of course, my brain is hatching a plan… Could I? Should I? Every SINGLE day? Hmmm…. I might be joining her.)

Her campaign got me thinking, is a marathon perhaps in her foreseeable future?

“Probably not. No. That seems AWFULLY long. Not any time soon.  I’ll just accumulate all of the miles.. ONE day at a time.”

Maybe one day I’ll convince her to run the New York Marathon with me. For now though,  I’ll settle for her virtually offering me a lesson or two in style…