So last night I hosted an impromptu soccer coach meeting at our house. Coach Michael (my husband) and Coach Lawrence (a longtime friend) were drafting the players for their upcoming year of travel soccer. It reminded me of a fantasy football draft. I’ve never experienced such intense strategy. Actually, I’m lying… team sports, I suspect, is another universe. I do vaguely recall being surprised at the hours of conversations revolving around soccer strategy when my son was 6 and playing on a rec team at the YMCA. Some things never change.

But I digress….

In any event, because the “drafting” was taking FOREVER I was popping on and off of Twitter and came across an article on Facebook’s worldwide dominance. (It is pretty impressive. Feel free to give it a read.) My girlfriend Joy (Coach Lawrence’s wife) leaned over and asked me about it and to my surprise I discovered that she is NOT ON FACEBOOK.

People, she didn’t even know what Facebook was.

As she says, “I have no clue.”

I felt like I had discovered some sort of rare worldwide phenomenon. The last person not to succumb to Facebook. The final hold out. The big mystery of mysteries.

My immediate temptation was to sell her on it. I wanted to CONVERT HER! To show her THE LIGHT! To improve her life in ways she had NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT!

But I didn’t.

BECAUSE … sometimes social media (and in this case Facebook) just adds to your plate. Oh sure it is fun. You can find old friends. You can connect with relatives. You can Farmville until the cows come home. (Get it? “Cows” come home. Yeah, I crack myself up.)

I didn’t want to be “the one” to pull her over to the dark side. Lord knows, if anyone can sell you on the benefits of social media, I can. But she doesn’t really have an interest. And she is a busy lady.

So I gave her a pass. THIS TIME.

The final holdout is still in tact.