A week ago I got the incredible opportunity to host my very first *live* Mingle Media Momma web TV talk show. (Yeah, “live” being the operative word here.)

I have to admit, it really was a blast!  In case you missed it, I’m posting the replay for your “viewing pleasure.” And by “viewing pleasure” I really mean “so you can laugh at me trying to keep on topic, answer guest questions and keep up with the wit in the chat room. (Hey, it was my first time! At least I got people’s names right! Or did I? It is all such a blur…)

Watch the video…

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT IN FUTURE SHOWS: Hot topics in the momosphere, beauty, fitness, running, technology, inspiration, giveaways and more!

ABOUT THE SHOW: Mingle Media Momma TV airs weekly at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST (TONIGHT) at http://www.minglemediatv.com/minglemediamommatv.html. Please stop by and visit to view the show and chat live with hosts, Linda, Bailey, Jennifer, Lara, Kristi, and the other members in the audience via text and video chat. To find out more about the show click here.

TECH NOTES: If you are having trouble viewing this, you may want to try another browser. I know that Firefox gives me a blank box for some reason. Mingle Media Momma TV airs LIVE while simulcasting on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smart phones via a free Stickam.com app and archived for on-demand replay through Blip.TV, Boxee, and Roku or as an iTunes podcast.

And for the record, launching this show allowed me to cross off a couple of items off of my 40 by 40 list. Yay for multi-tasking!