I don’t talk much about my husband on this blog do I? You probably think I am divorced.

Nope. The man just doesn’t make many an appearance here because, well… he is way more private than I am. (I tend to over share in case you hadn’t already noticed.)

We are incredibly different people. And yet we work, you know?

My husband hails from the great state of New Jersey. Now before you wrinkle your nose at the who “Jersey Shore” cliché that just popped into your mind… let me just say that he is cut from a different cloth.

One of the greatest things that I’ve been exposed to during my history with Michael is delish Jersey/Philly food. I never knew a real CHEESE STEAK until the man took me to Geno’s in Philly. (A close second to Jim’s Steak’s on 2nd. I heart them both though.)

Each time we visit my husband’s hometown, he waxes poetic about the local icon that is Weber’s Drive-In.

Weber’s is this kitschy orange and black roadside joint in South Jersey. My husband ADORES it.

Now I’ve visited Weber’s before and honesty, I remember not being that impressed with it. But since it was my husband’s favorite haunt as a boy, I decided to give it one more try before writing it off completely. And besides, the kids are the perfect age for that type of thing.

You know what?  We loved it.

Not gourmet by any means but it is definitely yummy roadside food. And let’s face it, drive-ins are way cool.

Our new family favorites are frosted mugs of their famous root beer and the ever classic cheeseburgers and fries combination. (Although next time I’m getting a Black Cow float!) I’ve heard that their steamed dogs are a real treat as well. And the prices are almost as nostalgic as the actual burger joint.

Making the experience even better? A random dancing Elvis at the entrance.

Prices are cheap, services is fast and the staff is incredibly friendly. (The only thing missing is roller skates.) If you get a chance, it is worth a hop off of the turnpike. Word of warning – it is cash only so make sure you come prepared.

Where to find it: Route 38 and King Road / Pennsauken, NJ.

Oh yeah, tell Elvis I said hi! (Oh and yes, I am indeed uber-proud of the fact that the pre-teen has not brushed his hair and burps in this video. Sigh.)