Training for the Baltimore Marathon Officially Begins!

Okay, friends, there is no turning back. This weekend marks the formal and official no-turning-back-now start of  training for the Baltimore Marathon. I’m really excited about this race because it is my pal Lori’s first marathon (whee!) and the first time I’ve ever run the full course in Baltimore. I’ve run the 1/2 four separate times so this is an exciting step for me. (Of course, Katie will also be joining us as well. She is a warrior, that one.)

Below is the plan that will be guiding our training team for the next four months. You can keep track of the actual mileage via my Daily Mile account. (Also located on the right sidebar of this blog)

Date / Mileage

July 2 / 9
July 9 / 10
July 16 / 7
July 23 / 12
July 30 / 13
August 6 / 10
August 13 / 15
August 20 / 16
August 27 / 12
September 3 / 18
September 10 / 14
September 17 / 20
September 24 / 12
October 1 / 20
October 8 / 4
October 15 / Race

(BTW – This training schedule is courtesy of Hal Higdon. And ever-so-slightly modified by me. Natch.)

Interested in running but don’t know where to start? CHECK OUT MY VIDEO on the subject.

On another note…

DC METRO FOLKS, DO NOT MISS THIS. Gotta give props to my friend Sunday of Extreme Parenthood who found this fabulous gem of a race -the Run For Your Lives Zombie Obstacle Course 5K.


Will I be there? Are you kidding? I MUST be there. Running with zombies? Hellz yeah! (Even though technically is is the weekend AFTER Baltimore. So, the zombies might have the advantage on me that day.)

If you are in the area, you should really hope over to the website and check it out.