I write a weekly column on “Tweet Nothings” for Want2Dish.com. Here’s what I am talking about today:


I found out about the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial via Facebook with this simple status update by a friend, “ ….unbelievable…”

Although shocked, I knew immediately what had happened.

Not Guilty.

The Casey Anthony trial, dubbed “the social media trial of the century” by Time magazine, has  generated unprecedented attention worldwide. The story became an immediate legal spectacle on Tuesday when outrage erupted over the Florida jury’s decision to acquit the young mother on charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Within minutes of the verdict being handed down, Facebook pages devoted to Casey and Caylee Anthony filled up with hundreds of comments whileTwitter streams overflowed with expressions of outrage.

I’ve compiled a sampling of reactions (outrage, skeptics, witty & ironic) from across the world and the social media sphere HERE.