What a beautiful morning for a ridiculously early run! And by ridiculously early I mean waking at 4:00 a.m.

Truly, I’m all kinds of certifiable.

So the gals met at my house this morning to tackle our first HILL RUN and our last SINGLE DIGIT long run. Let me say that again…. LAST. SINGLE. DIGIT. LONG. RUN.

This is where the marathon training gets oh-so-fun.

Sorry, a little off track there…. back to the hill run. We’re working in hill workouts every other week because if you check the race  elevation chart (badly in need of an update IMHO) you see we will clearly need the training.  Surprisingly, our first one went pretty smoothly. We were incredibly strong, actually. My muscles might disagree with me tomorrow but as of now, all is good. Eight miles of hills now complete.

Because the New York Marathon last year kicked my ever-lovin’ butt, for this one I’ve decided to add a little drama into the mix. And by drama I mean ridiculously hard cross training action.

I really want to finish strong on this one.

So, the husband and have started the INSANITY WORKOUT.

I quickly discovered that there was a reason they named it “Insanity.”


And that is all that I have to say about that.

Yes, it really is that brutal. (Great review here if you are interested.)

So…. anyone else out there running? Are you training for a race or embarking on your own fitness journey? Love to hear about it!