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(Don’t judge!) Five things I hate about being a mom:

Cooking – That is right. I said it. I hate family cooking. There is nothing that makes me want to uncork a wine bottle faster than my family asking me “what’s for dinner?” I could personally exist on nightly servings of mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs or cereal. One to two ingredients serve me just fine. But those OTHER PEOPLE living in my house want meat and carbs and veggies and napkins and utensils and all of that jazz. HATE. IT.

Laundry – If we are being honest here, ask yourself, “Do I really find fulfillment in folding someone else’s underwear?” Of course you don’t. Other mother-type friends of mine claim to get a sense of accomplishment out of their nightly (Nightly?! Oh the HORROR!) laundry folding ritual. I really have nothing in common with these ladies. Makes me question our friendship.

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