So, ahem….

Yesterday I happened to notice that um, MY ENTIRE BLOG HAD VANISHED.


Just like THAT, one of my children (ahem) had gone missing and I couldn’t find her. No rhyme or reason, just vanished.

Let me just pause here to say that have invested a number of years into my tiny little home on the Internets. I’m not one of those HUGELY, HUGE, HUGETASTIC bloggers but I am just as passionate about my blog as anyone.

Heart attack much?


But, I have a secret weapon for things like this. His name is Mike. And he is my hero. (Sorry, honey!) Mike brought me down off of my ledge pretty quickly and looky here…. my little blog is back. Woot! (Oh yes, it was indeed cause for a virtual woot. Back off.)

The moral of this story is … get yourself a Mike. No, really. You can hire him. And then you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like me. ¬†Thanks friend!